Vital Impulses & Human Relations


P. Véret, C. Cuomo, F. Burigana _

This book is the result of over 40 years of observations and the synthesis of the research conducted by Dr. Véret and his collaborators on the forces that animate the human being. The latter is considered as an organized psycho-biological system, consisting of relational networks and open to a permanent flow of environmental information.

The pioneering work of Patrick Véret and his team is an introduction to research in this area that continues with an experimental work, guided by the new paradigm of complexity, which raises the esteem of illustrious figures such as Edgar Morin and Ervin Laszlo. The research method is based on the observation of behavioral responses, following the activation of “vital currents” through polymetallic complexes. Although the main researchers, such as F. Albert Popp or Luc Montagnier, presume the existence of currents, these “information electromagnetic circuits” are not yet classified as accredited scientific knowledge. In this book several systems of sexual drives are listed, at the center of human behavior, in all their relational complexity. These impulses come from memories accumulated during our existence, from conception. The authors propose to identify and integrate these cellular memories on a cognitive level, enhancing vital currents.

NB: also available in French and Italian.


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