P. Véret, C. Cuomo, F. Burigana, A. Dell’Aglio _ 

Nutripuncture works with the body’s energetic meridians like acupuncture and acupressure.

But without needles or pressures points. Combining traditional Chinese medicine with organic chemistry, the latest understanding of DNA, and the cellular nutrition works of Georges Lakhovsky and Nobel Prize-winner Barbara McClintok, Nutripunctue uses mineral and trace elements to supply microcurrents of reinforcing energy to the body’s information pathways and organ systems.

By focusing on the life energy within our cells and balancing and nourishing the meridians, Nutripuncture accelerates our innate self-healing abilities to overcome illness, relationship conflicts, and many other physical, emotional, and mental stressors-often with rapid results.

This guide explores all 38 Nutripuncture remedies, explaining what meridians they interact with and what physical, emotional, and psychological symptoms they can help-from treatment of acute illness, allergies, and chronic conditions such as acne or osteoporosis to broader goals of surviving divorce, detoxifying from damaged relationship with parents and partners, or reactivating stalled phases of development from childhood or adolescence. Providing an accessible introduction to this revolutionary method developed by Dr. Patrick Véret, this book shows how Nutripuncture provides an easy and noninvasive way to release unresolved emotional and psychological trauma and support the vital energy of our cells, meridians, organs, and nervous system without negative side effects or drug interactions.

PATRICK VÉRET, MD, the discoverer of Nutripuncture, studied medicine at the university of Paris and is a master acupuncturist and homeopath. He lives in France. CRISTINA CUOMO has a degree in sports psychophysiology and nutrition. She teaches workshops in cognitive organization of movement and Nutripuncture. She lives in Italy and France. FABIO BURIGANA, MD, is a gastroenterologist and homeopath. He lives in Italy. ANTONIO DELL’AGLIO, MD, is a medical doctor specializing in natural medicine and biological dentistry. He lives in Italy.



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